How we work

1. During the first meeting we focus on your ideas for the project to get as much information as possible. To save time we will gather necessary measurements so you will not have to wait for the pre-estimate. We will also let you know about the technology we are going to use and discuss different options to reduce costs. This meeting is free of charge and there is no obligation at this stage.

2. Once we have obtained, and discussed all the information needed for the project, we will draw up the conceptual design and send you a pre estimate detailing all costs including materials needed.

3. If you accept the estimate and are happy to go ahead, the contract provided would require your signature. This is to ensure that there is an agreed start date, and completion date and price for the project.

4. Putting the plan into action:
Throughout the work we will give you full updates on progress, and discuss any concerns that you may have. We are more than happy to make any necessary changes to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

5. Upon completion we would inspect together and in detail the finished project and ask for any feedback that you may have, to improve our service for future projects undertaken as our customers satisfaction is our highest priority.