About us

The Wooden Artefact Ltd was set up in 2006. From the very beginning we focused not only on growth, but also on the development of skills necessary to succeed in all aspects of the business.


Thanks to our hard work we have become a reliable and respected company that is now prepared to undertake any challenge that is thrown at us. Our most important asset that drives the success of our business is the people we employ.
We ensure we have a dedicated team willing to work together with efficiency and enthusiasm. This way we can give all our customers the confidence that every project undertaken, is completed to the highest standard..
Even though we have a team that is fully qualified, we are always striving to find new and improved ways to improve the skills of our employees, t within the building industry.

We are very proud of our knowledge and experience and for no additional cost we are more than willing to share this knowledge with you. Based on this, we can offer advice regarding materials, using space efficiently and much more.

To ensure that you are satisfied with the price and that there are no unnecessary costs incurred, we work closely with different suppliers to ensure that we are delivering the best possible service at all times. This means accurate start dates given for jobs, and the highest quality of our work keeping us ahead of our competitors.